Lecture 6 (11.28.20) - Domains

PowerCert DNS Server Explanation

Buying a Domain

There are many places you can buy domains; a simple Google search will give you hundreds of companies offering domain purchasing. But which one is best?

When buying a domain, you are actually paying for two things: registration of that domain through a Top Level Domain, and access to your own Authoritative Name Server (as mentioned in the PowerCert video).

Note: you will need to continually renew your domain purchase. Generally, domains will cost $12/year.

In my experience, I really like Google’s service, Google Domains, but you can use any service you’d like.

Choosing a Name

Choosing a domain name can be almost as fun as building your website! The main domain I use is I like this domain because I can make my email address and my personal website

Some cool domain names are:


Setting Up Your Domain

Once you have purchased your domain, you need to configure your Authoritative DNS Server. You must give your DNS server the GitHub Pages IP Address that will be sent to your website’s visitors.

If you are using Google Domains, follow this tutorial. If you are not using Google Domains, the process will be very similar. If you run into any issues, feel free to send me a message!