Lecture 2 (10.24.20) - Intro to HTML/CSS

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Finish These Before You Leave

Using Google

Google is your best friend; it has absolutely everything. There is almost no point in me offering this course because there are thousands of fantastic HTML/CSS tutorials out there. Therefore, a main focus of this class is how to use Google to find these tutorials, and to feel comfortable not knowing things.

Here are my favorite guides/tutorials/references:


Flexbox many be the most important and infuential advancement in modern CSS. Flexbox trivializes many things that were once difficult or near impossible to easily complete. Now, we can create websites blazingly fast with flexbox without a worry of things breaking.

One drawback of using Google is that many tutorials are outdated, (even if they are from just a few years ago). Google will hardly reccomend to use flexbox. This is because many outdated tutorials, which were once popular, avoid flexbox due to compatibility. But over the past two years, flexbox has recieved incredible support from all browsers. Now, there is no reason not to use flexbox in as many opportunities as you can!

Although flexbox is great, display: grid will soon take over. But due to grid’s poor browser compatibility, just use flex for now.