Lecture 1 (10.17.20) - Intro to the Web

Recorded Lecture

Finish These Before You Leave

  • Create a website hosted at {YOUR_USERNAME}
  • Create a GitHub organization for your team.
  • Create a website hosted at {YOUR_TEAM}
  • Decide on your team’s project
  • (Optional) Watch HTML/CSS intro videos


Be sure to install all required software for this class:

Please make a GitHub account and sign into it on GitHub Desktop.


GitHub is a FANTASTIC resource for organizing and collaborating on code. If you have never used it, get ready to use possibly the most important tool in all of modern-day software engineering!

GitHub Desktop

GitHub Desktop is a user-friendly app that lets you interface with GitHub without a terminal or browser. GitHub Desktop lets you:

  • push and pull GitHub repositories,
  • open VS Code workspaces easily,
  • see your changes,
  • and much more!

To download a repository with GitHub Desktop, click Clone repository... then select your desired repository. You may also go on your repository’s page on your browser and click the green code button, Download, then click Open with GitHub Desktop.

Push an index.html file with some text to make sure your website works! Also, create an empty file named .nojekyll. This will allow GitHub Pages to use links with underscores.


Feel free to start getting comfortable with HTML/CSS with these videos.